The Buyer's Guide to Call Center Telemarketing

Call Centre telemarketing has in recent years become one of the most popular methods for UK businesses and organizations to carry out their telemarketing campaigns. Call centre telemarketing follows a simple premise - outsourcing telemarketing campaigns or functions to professional call centre services providers - but the reality of undertaking call centre telemarketing is actually much more complex. In this article we introduce some of the fundamental things that you need to know before you outsource your telemarketing functions to call centre providers.

Telemarketing Call Centre Services

Telemarketing call centers typically fall into two different categories: - Outbound Telemarketing Call Centers and Inbound Telemarketing Call Centers - and the services provided by each are very different. Outbound call centre providers typically specialize in appointment setting, cold-calling, telesales and lead generation; whereas inbound call centre providers specialize more in customer service, market research, virtual reception services and response or survey telemarketing.

In order to achieve the goals and objectives of your telemarketing campaign, it's imperative that you only investigate hiring those call centre providers that specialize in the service that you need. If you are uncertain as to the type of call centre telemarketing service that you need, or if you require a number of different services some telemarketing call centers will offer initial consultations to help you decide upon the best course of action.

Call Centre Providers

centre providers, despite largely falling in to the Outbound Telemarketing and Inbound Telemarketing categories, vary as much as any other professional service providers. Telemarketing call centre providers can range from large PLCs to virtual call centers and even freelancers working from home. Some call centre providers even operate a cross-functional telemarketing service which can include inbound response-handling as well as outbound sales or appointment-based telemarketing calls. Choosing your ideal call centre provider should really be based on the following key criteria: